Evangelion x Hello Kitty collaboration Backpack - Red - US$70

Evangelion synchronized with Hello Kitty Backpack has come!
It is limited and only Japan!

Material: Polyester
Size: H43 x W32 x D12 cm
Weight: 350g



optimisticduelist asked:

I'm so glad this blog exists. For too long I've bit my lip while people ignore the OBVIOUS propagandist messages in Neon Genesis Evangelion out of fear or relatiation, but your existence has given me the courage to speak out. Thank you for being brave enough to make a stand and tell the truth where no others will venture.

ngeilluminati answered:

We are so glad to hear that we have created a safe space for you to explore your feelings of violation from this wicked piece of disinformation. It is important for us all to stand strong together in resistance against this animated tool of those who would enslave us. We mustn’t run away.